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Michael H Sussman has more state and federal court experience than all current Attorney General candidates combined. He is running for the job, not for the political opportunity. Please examine his positions then decide if you can really support a major party candidate for this vital position.
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Seasoned Litigator

The Green Party sought me out for this spot on their statewide ticket. For the last three years I have been the ONLY attorney in this state facing down fossil fuel interests in the fight against CPV Energy. Business interests invested heavily in environmentally reckless fracking projects are trying desperately to cash in on their unwise gamble at our expense. They are busy building pipelines in NY to transport the oil to ocean ports for export, and power plants calibrated to burn the new fuel in communities that are resisting. They’ve greased the way with large contributions and PAC money to major party politicians and public officials. We should not be saddled with a sprawling new infrastructure for this doomed industry. I will fight for New Yorkers, and not cave to outside corporate contributors.

Proven Advocate

I have been in the good fight for more than 40 years. As one of the architects of the NAACP’s successful desegregation suit again Yonkers I saw that city face its demons and, under Federal Court order, build affordable housing east of the Saw Mill River Parkway for the first time. That struggle was memorialized recently in HBO miniseries “Show Me A Hero.”

Our laws offer protection but our Attorney General’s office has been a weak enforcement actor, leaving the expensive court process to private individuals. The NY State Division of Human Rights is wildly dysfunctional and painfully slow to act. I will change that and encourage aggrieved parties to contact my office directly for assistance.

Fighting Political Corruption

While the terrible spectacle in Washington holds the attention of many we cannot forget our own state’s ongoing struggles with corruption and compromised ethics. In the last decade New York has seen more politicians thrown out of office for misuse of authority than the next five states combined. This is a bi-partisan issue stemming from Albany’s “pay to play” culture. I will strengthen the state’s Public Integrity Unit, push for a sweeping public finance law to disconnect big money from state politics, and prosecute those who exploit their positions for personal gain. I owe no allegiance to a political boss. I can and will fight corruption without fear or favor.
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Politically Independent

Although I have been a lifelong Democrat I despair of attaining this important office within its ranks without having to compromise ethics to political expediency. I changed my affiliation to the Green Party as a way to get on the ballot in November without “making the deal” that would put me in political debt.

I vow I will not be a knee-jerk defender of state agencies that violate our laws and endanger civil rights, and public safety and welfare. I will foster settlements with the victims of state-sponsored “bad acts” rather than torture them with years of litigation. I harbor no further political ambition and will run the Attorney General’s office as a tool to correct incompetence, and unseat corruption.

Sensible on Immigration

I will not destroy lives because we have a broken immigration system. Both major parties are responsible for the situation now being so callously exploited by Donald Trump and the right. What was, for many decades, a cynical way to provide cheap labor to selected US business interests has become a humanitarian crisis. Now genuine refugees are treated like criminals. We need an Attorney General who will refuse to let human beings be used as pawns by the two major parties who are complicit in this disaster.
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10,000 People Fundraising Campaign: Only donations of $180 or less will be accepted. Please send contributions to: Sussman for NY State AG, P.O. Box 1005, Goshen, NY 10924

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Michael H. Sussman, an attorney from Orange County, proudly announces that he is seeking the Green Party nomination for New York State Attorney General.

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Sussman is a 1978 Honors Graduate of Harvard Law School and has been one of the Hudson Valley's most prominent civil rights and trial lawyers since the 1980's when, as lead counsel for the Yonkers Branch of the NAACP, he helped end racial segregation in the City of Yonkers public schools.

While at Harvard Law, Sussman worked with Ralph Nader and Mark Green to found the Equal Justice Foundation, an organization of law students which advocated for more permissive standing doctrines and the demystification of the American judicial system. Sussman served as the first Chair of that national organization. He also worked with Professor Laurence Tribe in 1976-77 on the first edition of the great constitutional scholar's masterpiece, American Constitutional Law.

In October 1978, as part of its Honors Program, Sussman joined the Civil Rights Division of the United States Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. Sussman won awards for outstanding service in 1980 and 1981 but left the Department after Ronald Reagan's first Attorney General, William French Smith, announced that white males were the group most in need of the Civil Rights Division's assistance. After litigating major school desegregation cases in Cleveland, Charleston, South Carolina and Flint, Michigan, Sussman joined the NAACP National Office in May 1981.

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Sussman represented the Yonkers Branch of the NAACP between May 1981 and May 2007, when Judge Leonard B. Sand, closed the case. In 2002, Sussman negotiated an agreement with the State of New York which provided the City of Yonkers $300,000,000 to eliminate the vestiges of segregation in its schools.

He also negotiated a major settlement of the NAACP's related housing discrimination claims, gaining more than $100,000,000 from the City of Yonkers, HUD and the State of New York for a myriad of programs and initiatives to help integrate white neighborhoods in Yonkers. At the NAACP, Sussman also litigated numerous voting rights cases.

In January 1986, with his father, Morton, Sussman founded his own small law firm, starting in the building next to Yonkers City Hall. Through that firm, Sussman brought hundreds of cases for victims of racial, gender and national origin discrimination in employment and victims of police brutality.

Sussman is well known for major legal victories, including the $6,000,000 settlement he attained for the family of DJ Henry, a Pace University student shot to death in October 2010 by Aaron Hess, a police officer employed by the Village of Pleasantville.

Local prosecutors [District Attorneys] work closely with all police agencies in their jurisdictions. When police are accused of wrongdoing, these DAs and their offices have an inherent conflict. They need to maintain close working relationships with the department accused of wrongdoing. They do not want to undermine the credibility of officers associated with these agencies. Hence the need for a special prosecutor, someone independent of local law enforcement in all such cases.

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10,000 People Fundraising Campaign: Only donations of $180 or less will be accepted. Please send contributions to: Sussman for NY State AG, P.O. Box 1005, Goshen, NY 10924.

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Press Conference about the need for a special prosecutor in the case of DJ Henry Case who was the victim of police misuse of deadly force.

I have been advocating for such a law in NY since December 2010 when I met with then Governor Paterson and urged him to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate DJ Henry's shooting. He did not; but, since then, in police shooting cases, the State Attorney General is in charge of such investigations. That practice should be broadened to cases involving serious injuries caused by police action.

He has represented the ever growing dissident movement in Kiryas Joel which culminated in major victories starting in the 1990 decision by Judge Peter Patsalos of Orange County Supreme Court which ordered the main Kiryas Joel congregation to re-admit seven children expelled from a Yeshiva because their father, Joseph Waldman, had the temerity to run for a seat on the newly created public school board in Kiryas Joel.

Between 2006-2010, Sussman represented a class of 4,700 African­American and Hispanic state workers [against the Attorney General's office] in a lawsuit challenging the promotional test used by the State of New York for civil service promotions. The case ended in a settlement of $45,000,000 for the class.

Pioneering work in special education law

Starting in 1986, Sussman also has done pioneering work in special education law, representing scores of disabled children in their quest for proper education placements and programs.

He and his firm represented a class of non-verbal 3-5 year old autistic children who were abused in a highly renowned program run by the Mahopac School District. Sussman has also fought for the rights of disabled adults, winning a multi-million dollar settlement for a group of adults institutionalized at SLS in Putnam County.

Sussman has also litigated numerous cases challenging various forms of environmental degradation and public corruption. Most recently, he has represented citizens fighting CPV, a power plant dependent on fracked natural gas from Pennsylvania. Sussman mounted a necessity defense for six Orange County residents [The Wawayonda Six] who engaged in civil disobedience to dramatize the contributions that plant would make to climate change.

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In the early 1990's, Sussman was lead counsel for Orange Environment, preventing the opening of a new massive landfill on a site which covered the principal aquifer feeding Southern Orange County and was adjacent to the Wallkill River.

Sussman also serves as lead counsel to Concerned Citizens for the Hudson Valley in its fight against the spot zoning which allows Legoland into the Town of Goshen.

Sussman has also fought against sexual harassment and gender discrimination, winning the Carrero case in the last 1980's and setting the foundation for much sexual harassment litigation which followed in our federal courts.

Sussman also feels strongly about the rights of our senior citizens to safe, affordable health and nursing care and was lead counsel in the successful fight to keep Valley View, Orange County's nursing home open.


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WHEREAS, this legislature has concluded that financing elections to state offices by and through private campaign contributions corrupts and has the potential to further corrupt the political process and presents the strong impression that successful candidates are beholden to those who have financed their campaigns, not responsible for advocating for the public interest.

WHEREAS, this legislature has the authority to regulate state elections in New York and insure that they are held in a manner which does not corrupt the political process and furthers and strengthens our democratic values;

WHEREAS, this legislature finds that citizen participation in political campaigns is critical to a democracy and our state has a long history of such participation and the legislature wishes to encourage such participation in every way except through the donation of money by individuals and/or businesses to political campaigns , and.

WHEREAS to support and strengthen our democracy, New York State shall hereinafter finance all campaigns for State offices , specifically for Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General and Comptroller and campaigns for seats in the New York State Senate and Assembly as set forth below:


A "designated party" is one which gained at least 7 .5% of the statewide vote for the office in question in the last state-wide election for that office

1. Each candidate who qualifies for a primary from a designated party shall be allotted the following sums for his/her primary campaign.

Governor - $2.5 million
Lt. Governor - $1.25 million
Attorney General - $2 million
Comptroller - $1.5 million

2. A candidate who wins his/her designated party primary shall be eligible to receive an additional sum for the general election as follows:

Governor - $5 million
Lt. Governor - $2 million
Attorney General - $3.5 million
Comptroller - $2.5 million

3. Candidates running on a party slate are each entitled to receive the sums set forth above.



4. Candidates from any other party shall be free to raise money to the limit set for state-supported candidates for that position.

5. Candidates running on the line of a designated party in a general election may not appear on more than one non-designated party slate and, in furtherance of that slate, s/he may not accept any further public or private campaign contributions.

6. Each candidate for the State Senate from a designated political party in a contested general election race shall be entitled to $750,000.

7. Each candidate for the Assembly from a designated political party in a contested race shall be entitled to $400,000.

8. Candidates running in non-contested general elections for either the State Senate or the state Assembly shall be entitled to receive one-third of the sum available to a candidate in a contested general election race, as set forth in paras. 6 & 7 above.

9. Persons seeking seats in either the State Senate or the State Assembly from a non-qualifying party may raise from private sources as much money as the limit the State shall contribute to each designated party candidate, provided records of the name, address and occupation of those making each such contribution shall be submitted by a campaign committee organized by that candidate and further provided that no campaign contribution in excess of $5,000 shall be accepted by any such candidate.

10. Where qualifying parties have two or more candidates seeking the party's nomination in a primary for State Senate or State Assembly, each candidate who qualifies for the primary ballot and runs as such shall be entitled to $200,000 in state funding and may contribute no more than $150,000 of either his/her own funds or raised contributions toward such a race, provided that each such candidate submits records of the name, address and occupation of those making each such contribution and further provided that no campaign contribution in excess of $5,000 shall be accepted by any such candidate.



11. Each candidates entitled to receive public funds shall be provided such funds within thirty days of their presentation of proof of campaign-related expenditures.

12. Funds to finance publicly funded elections shall be raised through [a] a surcharge on the state income tax of .25% for all taxpayers who have taxable income of more than $600,000 in each year and shall be maintained in a dedicated fund administered by the Comptroller's office and [b] a check off on New York State income tax forms by which taxpayers may contribute up to $5.00 from the tax they otherwise owe to the public funding account, as described below.

13. No political action committees shall be permitted to contribute campaign funds to any of the candidates receiving state funds as set forth above. No political action committee shall be permitted to coordinate expenditures of its funds with those of any candidate receiving state funds as set forth above,

14. a. Each candidate receiving state funds as set forth above shall submit a sworn statement that s/he has fully complied with this law and any person who submits a knowingly false statement shall so commit a Class D Felony and shall be punishable by a minimum of three years imprisonment and a maximum of 5 years imprisonment.

14. b. Any person who submits false statements or documents in furtherance of any reporting requirements developed by the Secretary of State to implement this legislation shall so commit a Class D Felony and shall be punishable by a minimum of three years imprisonment and a maximum of 5 years imprisonment.

15. Within ninety days of the enactment of this legislation, the Secretary of State shall promulgate implementing regulations consistent with its provisions.

16. This legislation shall be effective and govern the conduct of the 2018 statewide elections and each state election thereafter.

Proposed by Michael H. Sussman, Esq. and the Citizen Action Network- Orange County, 1/31/17


10,000 People Fundraising Campaign: Only donations of $180 or less will be accepted. Please send contributions to: Sussman for NY State AG, P.O. Box 1005, Goshen, NY 10924



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Sensible on Immigration





The Dallas Morning News



"I will not destroy lives because we have a broken immigration system."



Politically Independent


"I owe no allegiance to any political boss. I can and will fight corruption without fear or favor."





Sussman speaking at immigration rally.




Seasoned Litigator


"I'm the only attorney in the race for New York Attorney General that litigated against the fraud plagued CPV project."


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    Demonstration at Tmes Herald-Record.
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    Cooperative Power Ventures = Corporate Vultures!
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    CPV will be a major new source of pollution in the Hudson Valley.
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    Arrests at CPV Demonstration.
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    Percoco got caught, and was charged with Bribery, Blackmail, and Extrortion. He was convicted of 3 Felony Counts of Bribery.
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    Cuomo didn't get caught, but Cuomo & Percoco = Bribery, Blackmail & Extortion!
  • anti-cpv-albany.jpg
    Albany Demonstration.
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    Emissions will be unsafe.
  • pipeline-infrastructure.jpg
    Pipeline infrastructure destroys communities designated as sacrifice zones by gas industry executives and poiticians.
  • infrastructure-protest.jpg
    Communities are destroyed by Fracked Gas Pipeline Infrastructure in spite of community opposition, the impact on their health, and the loss of property value.
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    Early view of project site.



Community meeting on the hazards of CPV.



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10,000 People Fundraising Campaign:


To become NY State Attorney General, I am initiating a 10,000 people campaign in NY. By this, I mean the following:

I need to raise $1,000,000 to compete in this race. With that money, I can take my message to people all around the State. That message is simple: the Attorney General should be independent of the two major political parties and should not be selected by a corrupt Governor. The Attorney General has to fight for public financing of elections, for the prosecution of corrupt politicians from both major parties, for the elimination of major threats to public health like the fracking infrastructure which both parties support and for the extirpation of racism and sexism, which are rampant in state agencies which are then defended knee jerk by our Attorney Generals of both parties.

I believe this platform can convince New Yorkers to abandon the two political parties' candidates. I need to get sufficient funds together from many, many people who believe that I can make major changes - people who know of my 40 year record and can forgive my imperfections...and get behind a concerted effort to make a difference in our State.

If you can become one of the 10,000 contributors I need, please send $180 to Sussman for NY State AG, PO Box 1005, Goshen, NY 10924. Thanks for your help and please spread the word. The attached link is a recent radio broadcast which explains my views in greater detail. I really appreciate your time and am excited to make this race.

You will find my comments about issues of importance to the race for New York State Attorney here on my BLOG.

Please spread the message to your friends!

Thank you,

Only donations of $180 or less will be accepted.

Please send contributions to: Sussman for NY State AG, P.O. Box 1005, Goshen, NY 10924.

Or, please use the Donate Buttton below to make an online contribution via Paypal.

Volunteer Sign Up:Please fill all the texts in the fields.

What would you like to do to help?





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fios interview


FIOS1 News Breakers interview by Andrew Whitman - Part 1 THE AG'S ROLE V TRUMP

fios interview


FIOS1 News Breakers interview by Andrew Whitman - Part 2 THE GREEN PARTY LINE

fios interview


FIOS1 News Breakers interview by Andrew Whitman - Part 3 YASHIVA STANDARDS

fios interview


Radio Kingston interviews Michael H. Sussman, Esq.



WAMC's Alan Chartock interviews Michael H. Sussman, Esq

Capitol Connection


Sussman on the Fake Fracking Ban

fake fracking ban


Sussman on the road campaigning

on the road


Why we are voting for Sussman...

on the road


Nanuet, NY - Stepping away from their party for Sussman



Editorial Board gives Sussman the Nod:

(Saranac Lake, NY)
The following is from the Adirondack Daily Enterprise Editorial on the NY Attorney General's Race:  

Voters are likely not very familiar with New York’s five candidates for attorney general. The easy part about the choice is that they differ so greatly in what they would confront that your priorities might determine your pick.

The three qualified candidates, in our mind, are Letitia James (Democratic, Working Families, Independence), Keith Wofford (Republican, Conservative) and Michael Sussman (Green). Also running are Christopher Garvey (Libertarian), a patent lawyer who has lost seven races in the past (three for Suffolk County district attorney and one each for judge and governor), and Nancy Sliwa (Reform), an animal rights activist who recently married the leader of the beret-clad anti-crime activist Guardian Angels.

Qualifications aren’t really a deciding factor among the leading three, who all have strong resumes. James is New York City public advocate and a former city council member. Wofford rose from a working-class Buffalo home to graduate from Harvard and Harvard Law and become a millionaire partner in a huge New York City law firm. Sussman, also a Harvard Law grad, has had a major impact over 40 years as a crusading lawyer for racial justice and the environment — most famously in winning a case that forced Yonkers to desegregate its public housing and zoning, and thus its school districts.

It comes down to what you want investigated and prosecuted, because these candidates are vastly different in their priorities.

James has promised above all to go after President Donald Trump’s administration, monitoring and investigating anything questionable he does or has done related to his home state of New York.

Wofford has pledged to go after corruption in state government, such as we have seen with allies of Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the former leaders of the state Assembly and Senate, as well as many lawmakers.

Sussman, a former Democrat, wants to vigorously prosecute corruption in Albany, too, but also push harder to uphold environmental, health and other public-interest laws.

It is pretty much guaranteed that James will not go after Albany much because she has a huge conflict of interest. She is Cuomo’s hand-picked choice for AG, a job he once held. He is a hard-core partisan and is unlikely to give patronage without getting something in return.>

For years, we saw AG Eric Schneiderman do nothing in the face of blatant Albany corruption. It was shameful to see him turn a blind eye to the crimes of his fellow Democrats while viciously going after Republicans in Washington. His willful negligence of the AG’s important role as a check and balance did great long-term damage to both New York’s national reputation and the faith of New York residents in their government. And he didn’t even have the obvious obligation to Cuomo that James does.

Would Wofford give his fellow Republican president a free pass the way James might to Cuomo? It’s not going to be his top priority, but he says he will investigate and sue whenever it is called for. He’d better, because we already know it is called for in many cases. Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency has willfully ignored clean air regulations that protect Adirondack waters and forests as well as people’s health. The New York AG’s office has long been an important protector for us, suing the federal government when it lets polluters bypass the law.>

Also, a deep New York Times investigation recently revealed that the Trump family spent decades working to avoid paying taxes in New York City, thus keeping millions that legally should have gone for public use. This is a newspaper investigation, not a legal one, but the evidence it dug up is so abundant that it clearly needs to be taken up by New York’s next AG. James is eager to do so; Wofford is uncertain.

Also, the AG plays an important role in policing the world’s financial hub on Wall Street. Would Wofford, who has been engaged with that world as a lawyer, have the guts to vigorously uphold fairness and keep consumers and taxpayers from getting ripped off?

He has allegiances as well. His firm has represented Purdue Pharma, a maker of opioid drugs, and he represented Knighthead Capital Management, a hedge fund criticized for how it managed Puerto Rico’s debt after Hurricane Maria. He says that if elected he will cut ties to his firm and put any winnings from opioid drug suits toward addiction treatment.

Sussman points to his extensive court experience in the kind of public-interest cases he says the AG ought to be pursuing, in contrast with Wofford’s career path in corporate law and James’ steps up the political ladder.

If I get the position, against all odds, then I would use the office and the lawyers in that office, 672 of them, to the fullest extent I could do enforce the laws I see in New York that deal with discrimination and environmental degradation, health threats,” he told the Gotham Gazette.

He does have a black mark on his record: In 2002 his law license was suspended for a year in New York and Massachusetts for “multiple instances (of) commingling personal and client funds,” the New York Post reported in 2014.

These are things to consider before you vote. We have not met any of the candidates, but we lean toward Sussman as a check and balance on both the state and federal government, and as an experienced protector of the environment and the vulnerable.

But the victory will probably go to one of the major-party candidates. If Wofford wins, we urge him to realize that he will leave a poor legacy if he does not prosecute federal and big business misdeeds as well as those in Albany. And if James wins, we urge her to serve the people, not the governor, open her eyes to corruption in the capital and act to fight it.

Sussman on the road campaigning



Spectrum Biased Coverage Protest



Current AG Abuses Victims



A Democrat Breaks Ranks: Here Is Why...

LI Democrat


Prayers for Pittsburgh






Capitol Connection #1831 - Michael Sussman Green Party Candidate for NYS Attorney General











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