About the qualifications of the field of candidates


So, here is what my research today revealed:

Of the four announced candidates for attorney general from the Democratic and Republican parties, three [Teachout, Wofford and James, who received 85% of the Democratic convention vote] have never handled a single case in the federal court for the Southern District of New York and likely no federal civil or criminal case. The Dems claim to want to take on Trump, but they have NO litigation experience. The same website will report that I have litigated 673 cases in that federal court. I also have more state and local justice court experience than all the other candidates combined.

How can you supervise an office of 670 litigators when you have never been one?

How can you understand the potentialities of federal court litigation as a brake on Donald J. Trump if you have no litigation experience?

These are amongst the questions voters of all parties need to ask.

I am making this run because I want to bring 40 years of successful experience to bear for New Yorkers.

I want to use our courts to promote, not dismiss, social justice concerns. If you don’t know how to litigate, how can you really stand up and tell the people to elect you as Attorney General, the state’s most powerful lawyer. Let a peoples’ lawyer lead the office and you will see real change. Mark my words.

Michael Sussman

P.S. I believe that if 10,000 New Yorkers each contributed $118 to: Elect Sussman NYS AG, PO Box 1005, Goshen, NY 10924, I could actually win this race, whatever the machine politicians may say. The 10,000 People Campaign





10,000 People Fundraising Campaign:
Only donations of $180 or less will be accepted. Please send contributions to: Sussman for NY State AG, P.O. Box 1005, Goshen, NY 10924

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