Teachout interviewed on NPR:

I heard Zephyr Teachout interviewed on NPR today and had this reaction:

1. A week ago, you told voters in White Plains that you would support the Democratic Party nominee for Attorney General. This includes a man who has supported CPV avidly, helped dismantle Dodd-Frank and voted to curtail social welfare programs and a woman who renounced her political roots to gain Mr. Cuomo’s support for AG and has become the darling of the real estate industry she claims to have fought for years.

2. Today, you proclaimed support for re-instituting the Moreland Commission investigation into NY State corruption. But, the better alternative is to reinvigorate the Attorney General’s Public Integrity unit and fight in the legislature for the authority to bring criminal and civil corruption cases. It is shameful that New Yorkers must rely on the United States Attorneys’ Office to prosecute our corrupt state politicians. This is a fundamental abdication of our sovereignty and shows that we cannot clean up our own house. We need much more than a new Commission, appointed by the Governor, to investigate him. We need an independent Attorney General who does not RUN on his line, as you are trying to do.

3. I heard Zephyr strongly condemn ongoing sexual harassment in state government. But only one candidate has litigated since 1985, successfully prosecuting sexual harassment in lawsuit after lawsuit. And, I am that candidate. All can abhor this horrendous imposition, but who had made the career choice and has spent four decades actually fighting many forms of discrimination.

Finally, Tish James has a 26% to 12% lead over Zephyr in current the Quinnipiac poll. Baloney has 15% of the vote and Ms. Eve is hardly registering at 3%. 42% of the voters in the Democratic primary remain undecided. My strong feeling is that Ms. James will win the primary, having sufficiently pleased the Governor so as to gain the support of his machine. I would like to think that at that point Zephyr and many other progressives will place greater value on supporting someone who will be a truly Independent Attorney General than someone who found it so easy to repudiate her own Working Families Party roots in exchange for Andrew Cuomo’s support.

Come September 14, we will see who has a chance to be an independent Attorney General. I welcome the support of all regardless of party who want a tested litigator who will not back down to power and who has the actual experience to litigate against Donald Trump and his business interests in our State.






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  1. Love this website, and plan to vote for you in the election. Thank you for making your positions so clear, your past record so evident, and my vote clearer to me.

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