Times are changing!

I truly believe that time are changing. The Mayor of Syracuse, another former Democrat [as am I], is now running for Governor as an independent – against Andrew Cuomo. Why? The Democratic Party has left too many people behind, has not fought for true progressive taxation in our State, is not advocating for a jobs program needed to re-vitalize our cities and has failed to resist corporate power and greed and, instead, capitulated to the massive use of fracked natural gas.

I joined the Green Party because on these issues and many, many others it has a platform which places people first. And, its platform is not a bunch of rhetoric, but very specific proposals to reclaim our democracy, protect our environment, ensure the protection of civil rights, stimulate jobs for every New Yorker and reduce health care costs. I hope many of you will check out the Green Party’s platform and understand its substance. In Howie Hawkins, we have an articulate and clear-thinking candidate for Governor. The party slate is comprised of knowledgeable people who are prepared to govern.

Barricades to courtrooms…Today, the Stop Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) campaign, the long-standing fight against fracked gas in New York State, is generating a lot of heat, from weekly local vigils and arrests at the state capitol, to political races for attorney general, state senate and governor. In November, Stop CPV defense attorney Michael Sussman will run for New York State attorney general on the Green Party ticket; defendant and key Stop CPV organizer Pramilla Malick is running as a Democrat for state senate in the 42nd district, and Cynthia Nixon, who has joined the CPV protest, will challenge the Governor, Andrew Cuomo, all contesting his administration and its greenwashed fracked gas energy plan.

There are more than 150 Green Party members now serving in elected positions in our nation, two in the state legislature in Maine and several elected to local officers in New York. We need to radically expand the choices people have in elections and stop electing “the lesser of two evils.” I believe people should support the person they feel is best qualified for a specific office and let the chips fall where they may.

If you can help get my message across and don’t mind canvassing in selected areas of the state, please express your interest and we shall start assembling teams of pioneers ready to spread a new message about what is possible.

And, don’t forget to send $118 to Sussman for NYS AG -2018 – PO Box 1005, Goshen, NY 10924 or donate on line on Elect Sussman NYAG -2018, our web site. Thanks very much.






10,000 People Fundraising Campaign:
Only donations of $180 or less will be accepted. Please send contributions to: Sussman for NY State AG, P.O. Box 1005, Goshen, NY 10924

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